Individual and online Training

1-on-1 sessions are a personalized program addressing functional requirements for each client.  Depending on the needs of each client, all programs use a combination of MELT, strength and flexibility, and cardiovascular training to provide the essential requirements for longevity and a healthy, active lifestyle.


Pricing for Private Training


Policies for Private Training

Online Training and Coaching

Example Health Diet Template

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MELT Method

MELT is a self treatment technique designed to specifically address your connective tissue by creating a hydration effect, decompressing areas of compression, and rebalancing the fascial system.   


MELT is a great addition to any on-going health and exercise routine.  Individual MELT Sessions available upon request.  


For more information on MELT: www.meltmethod.com















Group Classes

MELT Method Group classes combine the principles and guidelines of MELT in a group setting.  Classes are engaging and informative, with a different focus each week.   


Eastside YMCA 

Monday @ 7pm

Tuesday @ 11am

Wednesday @ 7pm

Friday @ 1:30pm


Westside YMCA 

Thursday @ 12pm

Saturday @12:15pm



Tuesday @ 5:30pm 


Monday @ 10am

Asphalt Green Upper Eastside

Saturday @ 10am