Policies and Procedures


Do you have cancellations policy?


Yes.  All sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid being charged for the session, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Do you offer make-up sessions?


Yes.  All sessions can be made up at an agreed upon time and date if there is availability.  Make up sessions must be done within the same week.  


When is payment made?


All payments are made at the beginning of a session and a package at the start of the first session, unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Do sessions expire?


Yes.  If sessions are not used over a set period of time they will no longer be vaild, unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Packages of 6: 3 month expiration from date of purchase

Packages of 10 or more: 5 Month expiration from date of purchase

How can I check on the status of your certifications and insurance?

All informaiton can be provided upon request.  



Individual Training


How long are sessions?


Each session can range from 45-90 minutes depending on the agreed upon amount of time.



When are you available?


Availabity varies, but options for training are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening and some weekend days and times.    



Do you offer nutritional counseling?


As a teacher of health and fitness I can make suggestions and offer guidance.  But I am not a registered dietician or certified nutritionist.  I would suggest consulting an expert for more specific guidance. 






How do I sign up for MELT Classes?


You can sign up for a class by contacting the YMCA or going to YMCA class schedule website.  


How do I purchase MELT Balls?


Currently, I can order MELT balls upon request.  An option on this website will be available soon.