How to recover and not lose muscle gains, and adding new training techniques

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

De-loading, Linear Variable Resistance, and Hanging Band Technique.

I’m now in my De-load week. After 4 weeks of progressively increasing weight training intensity in sets and resistance, it’s time to give my body a break, while still maintain muscle gains.

Mentally and physically this is important. I consider it a break from the overall stress to keep up with your routine while managing your life!

Since my intensity is lower, this is when I’ll try other training concepts but still trying to improve performance in my lifts.

Exercises (picture to the left) is a technique called “Linear Variable Resistance” where the load (weight lifted) increases as the range of motion also increases. In other words, working against a constant tension throughout the entire movement. Some of the benefits are:

-Greater intrinsic muscular involvement

-Challenging low-impact additions to your workout

-Improve on strength gains with free-weight exercises

Exercises (picture on the right) “Hanging Band Technique”, working control through the entire movement. This challenges body awareness, creates more muscle recruitment, and increased demand because of the time under tension.

When working with clients who are normally on a 1 or 2 day program, I’ll still use these techniques as part fo a circuit (cycling through multiple exercises consecutively) or superset (two exercises back- to- back) since those programs are primarily a blend of strength and cardiovascular training to maximize our time.

To see video and more variations of both methods please check out my Instagram page: @the_modern_athlete

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