Single Session:  125.00

Package of 6:     720.00



Package of 10: 1115.00



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   Online Training

   and Coaching

Online training programs allow you to train anywhere with online tracking software and applications to achieve

your goals.  

Additional Benefits:

-Workout on your own schedule and receive new workouts depending on your plan

-Utilize apps anytime for exercise and nutrition guidelines

-Track your meals to determine calorie intake and meeting nutritional requirements.  

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MELT Method
Group Classes
Group classes are available
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New York Health
And Racquet 13TH St.
Asphalt Green/UES

MELT workshops are 90 minute classes designed to cover the fundamentals of MELT including the 4 R's (Reconnect, Rebalance, etc., etc.) and the Foot series.


30-45 minute MELT Hand and Foot Series also available upon Request.   


Prices are agreed upon before the start of the class.